Andreas Tschöke - Die Ergebnisse meiner bisherigen Ahnenforschung

Tschoeke Worldwide

One of my hobbies is genealogy. This I practice when I have time for it.

The intention of this homepage is to get your attention and initiate cooperation in assembling and exchanging knowledge and data.

Of course, my focus is on the name “Tschoeke”. But I am also looking for hints and help in other directions, especially the names listed at page “Weitere Namen” (other names).


Ancestry Research Tschoeke

If you look at a German phone book or in internet you can see the name “Tschoeke” more than you would think in the first place.

Tschöke or Tschoeke or Tschöcke or Tschoecke?

At a first glance the different notation of this name appear to be different ancestry lines. But you can see the floating change inside of a family tree and in different generations the name was written different.

So I received a copy of a certificate of May 11th 1842 (see page “Alte Urkunde"). This certificate has states the sale of my Grand-Grand-Grand-Grandfathers farm in Eckersdorf to his son. Even though, it is an official certificate and there are two different notations, Tschöcke and Tschoecke, used for the same person.

My Search

Mainly I search on the internet for information and contacts. The name is listed in many genealogical databases (in different notations).

I contacted other Tschoekes by phone, eMail and/or face-to-face. So it was possible to collect a lot of information and family trees. I want to thank everybody for this support. I It was very helpful to look at the different Tschoeke lines.

Especially I want to thank Ernst Tschoeke and Georg Tschoeke for the detailed information.

Furthermore I was surprised in discovering more than 400 Tschoekes in Brazil. The “founder” of this line is Joseph Tschoeke. He and his family left Schwarzwaldau in Silesia and treked to Hamburg. From there they emigrated on May 15th 1875 to Brazil by ship “Alert” and settled in province Santa Caterina. In and arround the town Blumenau you can find a lot of German speaking Brazilians today.

Especially I want to thank Susan and Nivio Tschoeke from Blumenau in Brazil for the detailed information.


All roads lead to Silesia

The actual data of my family tree begins approximately 1785. An other family tree begins round about 1710. By means of names and data it seem to be probable two family trees having the same root. But the evidence is still missing, like the entry in a baptism register.

Even though, there are different family trees, they all state our ancestors emanate from Glazz county in Silesia. The town Eckersdorf, close to Glatz, is also often mentioned as a place of birth in many family trees.

Think about how rare the Gratz county was populated and how big the families were at this time, the occurrence of the name “Tschoeke” in 18th century in this area is an indication for the settling of the “first” Tschö(oe)(c)kes there, not long before those dates.


And before Silesia?

My father told me, he had heard from his parents, the Tschoeke ancestors came from Hungary to Glatz county.

In fact, the name "Csöke" is found in Hungarian, which is pronounced exactly in the same way as our name. This could indicate a subsequent adaptation of the spelling of the name, that was unfamiliar to the new region.

It would be a very interesting challenge to search for ancestors there too.

What you can do?

I am active in ancestry research if I have time enough. At the moment I have no time to search directly on site in old baptism and deaths registers. It would be the best way to do. But perhaps there is a different way in collecting as much ancestor information as possible. The basis of ancestor research is information exchange and sharing. So I’m interested in exchanging information and results with people, who are seriously interested in this topic.

Like I already mentioned, I hope to find contacts and information by this homepage. Time is running up, because most people, having the needed information, are very old.

If someone has information or old documents and wants to share them, I’m very interested. Please contact me.